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A full-time RV family shares their experiences of the travelling life…

Forwarding Address December 28, 2011

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Just a reminder that, really, we’re not here!  (LOL!)

There are two places to find us now:

Life on the Road


As For My House

Hope to see you there…


Onward and Upward… September 6, 2010

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Just wanted to remind anyone who happens by here that we have moved over to our very own hosting, as well as adding a second blog to the lineup.

For the family news, reviews, funny grammar “fails”, and all such stuff, visit the new home of <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Life on the Road</a> (although it really does need a new name…

For Christian lifestyle discussion, frugal living, the self-sufficient homestead plans, and related posts, check out <a href=”; target=”_blank”>As For My House</a>.

Hope to see you there!  🙂


Have you seen the new site? November 6, 2007

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Photos, contests, and of course lots of the usual blog musings…

It’s all over at the new digs where I’m hosting my own WordPress these days:

Come on by and say hello!  🙂


Life on the Road – Home Business, Home School, and Cats July 14, 2007

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Just wanted to let everyone know how much fun we are having with our very own self-hosted WordPress blog!  Check it out:

Life on the Road - Home Business, Homeschool and Cats!

In which a full-time RV family shares their adventures – homeschooling two kids, running a home business on the road, life in an RV, interesting travel and dining experiences, you name it…

You’ll find something of interest, especially if you’re interested in: cats, Christianity, dental, working at home, family, home business, homeschool, kids, parenting, SAHM, RV, travel, Tupperware, working at home, WAHM, and more…


Forwarding Address May 14, 2007

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Well, we’re all settled in – even got these archive posts imported over there.  So come on by and visit us at the new digs:

See ya there!  🙂


Moving… the Blog May 11, 2007

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Well, we’re settled at our campsite in Prescott, AZ, where we’ll be until Tuesday.

The moving that’s going to happen now is all in cyberspace.  We started out with the free blog offered at, but we’ve decided to take control of our own destiny. 

I downloaded the free software from and installed it on our server.  Since we already have our Work at Home – Daily Paywebsite up, we are going to post the blog as a sub-domain there.  It looks like we may even be able to use the software to finally get our team training website in gear – also as a sub-domain.

I appreciated their simple online instructions, and it really was a 5-minute installation.  Our web host uses cPanel, so it was easy to create a database, then just ftp upload the software and it installs from an online command screen.  From then on, it can be manipulated from the same “Dashboard” interface that I’m used to from the free blog site!

Well, enough for now… our big push for the time we’re here is to consolodate our two storage units into one.  I’m tired just thinking about it!


Homeschool Socialization May 10, 2007

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Socialization is definately one of the things you hear people worrying about the most when you say you’re homeschooling your kids.

This cartoon says it all for me:

Schools Are for Fish

Thanks to Jason Holm at

I’m definately ordering T-shirts!  😉